Posted by: mauimuseum | June 22, 2013

Ka Iwi O Pele

Ka Iwi O Pele (“the bones of Pele”) is a volcanic cinder hill which is the location of the legendary battle between Pele, the fire goddess, and her older sister, Nāmakaokahaʻi, goddess of the ocean.  Ka Iwi O Pele became a memorial to Pele’s defeat.

Ka Iwi O Pele

Ka Iwi O Pele

Just offshore from Ka Iwi O Pele is the small island ʻĀlau, which means “many rocks.”

ʻĀlau Islet

ʻĀlau Islet

This site can be found about two miles south of Hāna town on Piʻilani Highway (31).  Take the Hāmoa turn-off.

For information regarding this and other ancient Hawaiian sites in Maui County, the Bailey House Museum Shop carries the book Ancient Sites of Maui Molokaʻi and Lānaʻi: Archeological Places of Interest in the Hawaiian Islands by Van James, which will give you great information regarding these amazing treasures.

This blog post and photos are courtesy of MauiTravis


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